About Us


The Company

Founded in early 2010, Bond & Carnaby is a luxury menswear brand that caters to the discerning gentleman that can not only afford but appreciate fine craftsmanship. The brand was named after two streets in London, England, that were famous for everything luxury.

• Bond Street is revered throughout the world for its elegant stores, luxury goods & as the playground of society's wealthiest most stylish and influential people. As a landmark for all things sophisticated, Bond Street offers an unrivaled mix of traditional elegance and modern luxury.

• Carnaby Street is London's most famous and distinctive shopping and lifestyle destinations that boast a long history of style &elegance.

With the two streets and what they represent combined, the BOND & CARNABY brand was born.
The name not only evokes the work done by a company but a new art de vivre, a cosmopolitan attitude and an elegance in which rules are creatively décontracté.

The world of BOND & CARNABY is a world of passion, elegance, confidence  and respect for the finest craftsmanship that culminate in a dynamic energy and passion for life.


Since its inception, BOND & CARNABY has pursued a coherent mission: To create modern yet classic men's luxury goods with a refined taste where a perfect balance of fine craftsmanship, edgy experimentation and meticulous attention to detail defines the excellence of a product emblematic of the brands heritage.

The Bond & Carnaby luxury brand is perceived as different and distinctive. The true value of the brand lies in the product and its continuous questioning to improve the quality, performance, value in use, adaptation to changing tastes and needs of consumers.

The Vision

The Bond & Carnaby vision is based on a set of principles that underpin its business model. Its objective is to achieve production of products that are exclusive while developing desires which meet the needs and demands of all markets by giving them tangible form whilst maintaining the highest possible levels of craftsmanship and quality.

Love for elegance and passion for craftsmanship encompass the principles of aestheticism and classicism upon which the products and ultimately the brand is founded upon which in turn provides the company with a privileged role in spreading it’s vision and philosophy the world over: